I am a photographer, court hunter, birder and writer from North Carolina but generally peripatetic. My work centers around large-scale collection and showcasing novel perspectives, frequently aerial, of landscapes and architecture. I want to show you subjects and places in ways that delight and transport you.

My current monograph is outdoor basketball courts. I have recently completed a project shooting all 2,549 of them in Hong Kong, from which a photobook and solo exhibition are forthcoming. I have an ongoing collection of over 4,000 basketball courts around the world, with other focuses in New York City, Puerto Rico, and with “art courts” that serve as murals. This, along with shooting 475 courts in one day, are world records.

In addition to basketball courts and Hong Kong, I frequently capture destinations I travel to both through their aerial landscapes and birds. Past publications include a book of bird photography, Birding: The First Two Years, and a non-fiction book, Horse Show Boyfriend, an explainer of the world of hunter-jumper horses. I previously worked in post-production in Los Angeles on music videos and commercials.

Contact me at email (at) bellaustin.com, IG: @austinwonderland